Hello everyone First visit our website visitors. We are the traditional dance musicians of Kerala. What you see in this is about the art of thirakali. thira kali is the most sacred traditional art to us and we consider it very superior. Our oldest belief is that the town where this art is performed becomes sacred and we live better by trusting them. You too can truly trust these. Because this belief has been around for thousands of years. We wish to perform this wonderful art in your town and live with excellence

Thirakali This art is a folk art show held in Kerala and we have long believed that holding this show will make the town sacred and this art will be attended by at least six Musician and six dancers. Poothan kali art would be best combined with this combination. We are well trained in this art.


Bharathar Aasan

Cultural Centre run by John Milton who is the coordinator and develope.


Aravind is the best Singarimelam musician who has played over a thousand shows.

Thirakali Artist

Our artist is a renowned Thira artist and well versed.

Thirakali Artist

Srijith is a famous Thira artist and has splendid moves

About Thira Kali Team

We have traditional artists in the art gallery that you have created to share Kerala culture with the people of the world and make everyone happy

Our goal is to preserve traditional art and put it in front of you and make all the people of the world happy.